New fabrics!


A few months ago I took a pilgrimage to one of the largest JoAnn’s stores I’ve ever seen. I was so in awe of the amount of fabric that I went a little crazy. There were all these cute holiday/themey fabrics on sale and I thought “I could get a bit of each and mix-and-match and make some really cute neck pillows.” So there I stood in line to get the fabric cut (a nice patron gave me her cart when she saw me standing there with 10 bolts of fabric in my hands). As the clerk was cutting my fabric I started doing calculations in my head (the price for each yard of fabric seemed very reasonable but once I tallied it in my head it got bigger and bigger). My boyfriend was looking concerned and told me I might have addiction! I responded with “this is an investment in my future” (much more confidently than I was feeling!).

But after recovering from the shock of the final bill, I got home and started washing, ironing and cutting my fabric. I love all of these fabrics and the fun combinations they are making! I had to clear out some of my scrapbook stuff (that I never look at and therefore never use) to make room for all the pieces. I’m looking forward to making these and selling these. I just need to work on all the other things too (like researching locations, designing the look of my brand).

IMAG1373  IMAG1374


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