1st Canning Attempt


So I’ve been pretty scared about the whole idea of canning. It’s not something I learned growing up (although I know my grandma used to do it back east). I just don’t want the whole thing to blow up in two months like that scene from Holiday Inn!  So I read through the process, got my cans and accoutrements and was extra careful about sterilizing everything. I decided to try my hand at a Strawberry Basil Jam (so I could use the basil I’ve been growing).

The Strawberry Basil Jam didn’t start off well. They had me add a ton of sugar (which I was already suspicious about, but I like to do the recipe as written the first time). When I tasted it, it was way too sweet! Good thing I had bought the huge basket of strawberries. I added in another 2 lbs and that evened out the flavor but, in the end, it never jelled correctly ;-(

I decided to label it as “Strawberry Syrup” instead and it was well received by family.  My boyfriend loves it and doesn’t want me to change the recipe at all! But, of course, I did change the recipe as I was making it so I have no clue what the actual final recipe was!  I’ve tried it on ice cream and have made strawberry lemonade with it and it is delish!  I can’t wait to try it in a cocktail!

IMAG1783 IMAG1784 IMAG1786


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