Herb Garden


So about six months ago I decide to start growing an herb garden.  I used to have a rosemary plant and a French thyme in a pot and would always go grab a bunch when I was making soup. At some point, I let both go to ruin.  Since we’re renting right now, I can’t exactly rip out the backyard and start planting a real garden, but I figured I could get some pots and start growing some herbs. Since I want to eventually use herbs I grow to make oils and scrubs, I figured I better get started. Growing herbs is supposed to be easy but I’m finding it kind of tricky. For one, my backyard is very sunny and hot (which is supposed to good for Mediterranean plants, right?) so my plants look pretty beat up by the time I get home at night to water. And half the time I think I’m overwatering and half the time I think I’m underwatering.  Some of the plants have been doing well and some, not so much.  But overall, it’s a very good learning experience. My boyfriend recently commented that “you know, you aren’t growing enough to really do anything with.”  I told him it was all about getting a feel for it so when I really start, I’ll know what I’m doing without killing everything. Also, it’s good for me to get in touch with the source of what I want to found this business on, instead of just buying essential oils in glass jars.  It gets me into the roots of the matter, so to speak.

So I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  The plant that has been doing the best is my dwarf Meyer lemon tree! I’m mainly surprised because it’s in a pot that I didn’t think was going to be big enough, but was all I could afford at the time. It’s got a bunch of baby lemons that keep getting bigger. I didn’t even think it was going to produce anything this year!

IMAG2108 IMAG2110 IMAG2112

My favorite is the basil plant I just bought – mostly because it’s nice and bushy and hasn’t been in my backyard long enough to get sunburned!  It smells peppery and herby and wonderful!!  I’m going to try a basil salt recipe I found.  Of course, I had to buy a cute little (green) mortar and pestle at World Market to crush it with. I also bought a black mint plant. I wasn’t sure it was going to do well but it is really loving the backyard. I recently moved it into a larger pot and it was swimming with roots!

So the thing I didn’t think about when I started this, and bought some really gorgeous pots to put the herbs in, is that they will eventually get too large for those pots and need to be transplanted.  I am so grateful to the universe (in the form of my next door neighbor) for providing me with these wonderful clay pots! Now I can move them all into these beautiful matching pots.  I’m so happy to have these living things in my life and be able to water them every afternoon. It’s very meditative to water them after a long day at work (and long drive home) and just listen to the birds and the windchimes. It gets me out of my head for a while.



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