Antiqued Wooden Sign


While planning out what I am going to have for my craft booth, I was inspired by an article I read about making my own wooden sign. I’ve always liked these but didn’t know how to get the letters on there without a stencil.

You start with a piece of wood large enough to accommodate the words you want on there, preferably a distressed older piece of wood.  Pick out the colors you want to use. You could either go to Michaels or another craft store and buy some small craft paints or you could go to a home improvement store and buy a sample bottle of paint.

Take your wooden piece outside or in a well-ventilated place and put on a under coat of paint.  Once this is dry you can distress it by sanding parts of it off or using a stain or darker color to make streaks in the paint.

sign-first    sign-paint

Next you want to go to your computer and open up a word processing program such as Word.  Find a font that you like and type out the whole word (you might not like the font once you see the whole word in that font). Make the first letter as large as you think you will need to fit on the wood and print it out.  Hold it up to the wood and measure to make sure all of your letters will fit. You might wind up with only one letter per page.

20130901_142830   20130901_174511

Next you print out all the letters and tape them onto the wood, making sure to center the middle letter.  Take a regular pencil and trace over the letters making sure to press hard enough to make an impression in the wood but not so hard that you rip the paper.  Carefully peel back the paper and make sure that the whole letter has made an impression before removing the paper entirely.

Now you can paint over the letters. You can either buy a paint pen and outline the letters or you can carefully outline with a foam or regular brush.  Make sure you get an even coat of paint within the letters (unless you are going for the opposite effect).

IMAG2247  IMAG2249

I was really happy with how this sign turned out!  I’m going to attach hooks to the top so I can hang this from the Easy Up on the booth.  Looking at the sign also makes my business feel more like a reality!  It’s inspiring to look at it and think about the future.


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