Being Brave

So it’s been almost eight months since I’ve worked on the business. I’ve been quite busy finding another job, living in fear, getting engaged, etc. I was very lucky to find a part-time job that I love doing design for a musical theater company. After making the leap from the secure, albeit frustrating, full-time job, I’ve been trying to cope with all the changes and haven’t been doing much work on the business. Now that it’s settled down and my job is slower over the summer, I have more motivation to get going on the business. I realized that most of what I was doing with my procrastination and avoidance was because I’m a perfectionist. If I can’t do this thing perfectly, then there is no point in starting it at all. With the help of my spiritual team I’ve been slowly gaining confidence in myself and taking chances.

So today I finally put my fear aside and decided to post my first item on Etsy. I watched a youtube video tutorial on how to build a light box for photography a few months ago. Today I set that puppy up and took a few photos of my therapy neck pillows. I’ve been researching how other people are listing their products and their policies, shipping, etc. So I took the photos, posted them and set up my shop! It was so exciting to see my product listed on the internet! I shared the page on Facebook page and within a few minutes I got an email that my item had sold! What? I couldn’t believe it! My friend had logged right in and purchased the item. I am filled with love and joy whereas before I was only filled with fear.

The lesson here is to feel the fear and push through that and do it anyway. If it is your passion and you feel called, pulled, pushed to do it then go ahead and take the leap and choose to take a chance on yourself. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You can fail. But if you never try then you’ll never know what’s possible.


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