Therapeutic Aromatherapy

I’ve been dabbling in aromatherapy for a few years now – mostly just combining scents that I find attractive together or making soul-warming scents like pumpkin spice or orange and clove.  I haven’t really taken the time to get to know all of the essential oils and what therapeutic qualities they have.  I know that lavender is calming and rosemary stimulates memory but I am very interested in learning more about their properties.

When I was placing my last order on Bulk Apothecary (love that store!) I saw this book and knew it was perfect for what I need to learn. It’s called The Aromatherapy Companion by Victoria H. Edwards and is full of medicinal uses, emotional uses and body-care recipes. I’ve only gotten to about page 20 but I’ve already learned about two scent combinations that will personally help me. I tried them in the bath and was amazed that they worked!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – hundreds of years of homeopaths can’t be wrong.


Clary Sage: I ordered a little vial of clary sage but wasn’t sure what I should use it for.  Now I know that it has a calming effect. I combined a little with lavender in the bath and instantly felt the tension of the day melt away.

Lavender and Bergamot: Bergamot has an orange quality to it and I don’t think I ever would have thought of combining that with lavender, which has a flowery quality.  Lavender and bergamot play nicely together and the bergamot enhances the calming properties of lavender.


Twig & Willow in Long Beach

Twig & Willow logo

Wow! So we went out to breakfast after dropping my car off for service and discovered this beautiful boutique next to the restaurant. At first I was wary of going in because I could tell I was going to wind up spending money if I went in. But then my boyfriend pointed out all the handmade stuff and that going in would really be research (big mistake! big!).

Twig & Willow store interior  Library of Flowers display

The boutique is called Twig & Willow. I had already been admiring the logo of the store before I walked in. If I had my own boutique, this is what it would look like!  There was beautiful handmade jewelry, perfumes, candles, lotions, clothes and bags!  A veritable feast for the senses.  The best part was that all of the items in the store were from small, independent handmade companies.  I wrote down a few of the names so I could research them later. I especially loved all the colorful packaging ideas. The ladies were super nice and helped me pick out a few items. I’ve been looking for a perfume for a while now but I’m super picky. I found one that I liked from a small perfumery named Lollia. I really enjoyed all of the inspiration from the store and I highly recommend that you stop by if you’re in the Long Beach area!

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